Historic Property The Cove Point of yesterday.

The Cove Point site has a rich and colorful history going back generations.

castle tavern

baberuthThe photo above, taken in 1910, shows the factory where they once processed the cut blocks of Ice from the lake to be shipped into the city for house hold ice boxes prior to the widespread use of electric refrigeration. The ice blocks were shipped by freight trains via the  tracks depicted in the photo. After the ice was no longer needed for homes in this way, the factory was converted and used for boat building. Rumor has it that Babe Ruth had a boat built on the property.

Many years later a young man by the name of Derek Jeter would spend summers on Green Wood Lake at the home of the family that adopted his father. This Home was also referenced as a Castle “The Teediermen Castle”. Around 2010 Derek Jeter and his siblings purchased and renovated the home which is located directly across the lake from Cove Castle.